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By Martin SFP Bryant

goodbye... for now



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Tech Revolution
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Hello there,
Surprise! This is the final edition of Tech Revolution.
Why? Read on…
I’ve run a newsletter in some form since 2016, when I started a daily Nuzzel email featuring commentary about the links I’d been reading over the past 24 hours. This evolved into Big Revolution, a much more in-depth daily email that developed a committed following but took me up to two hours of largely unpaid time per day to produce (but a big thanks to those of you who were paid subscribers!). It was intense.
And then last year, Tech Revolution launched to take that daily format and turn it into a weekly firework in your inbox and… well, thank you for subscribing, and engaging with this newsletter.
But I’m a firm believer that you should keep moving forward in life. I have a new newsletter I’m developing that fits a tight, tech-related niche underserved by current media.
I’ll be announcing more about this new newsletter in the coming weeks, so please stay subscribed to Tech Revolution if you’d like an email letting you know the details as soon as everything is firmed up.
Meanwhile, my work with my tech startup communications consultancy, Big Revolution, continues.
What about Geekout?
I’ll still be working with Matt on Geekout things like the Friday social media newsletter (you really should subscribe if social media is part of your job; 16,000 subscribers can’t be wrong) and the Geekout shows on Twitter Spaces.
But right now I need the time Tech Revolution currently takes up to prepare what’s next. More information soon. I can’t wait to share it with you!
Rather than a full newsletter this week, below I’ve rounded up a bunch of big reads that have caught my eye around the web. Find them below 👇
Thanks for subscribing, and please feel free to keep in touch. You can reply to this email, find me on Twitter, or drop me a line any time at
— Martin

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📰 Big reads
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That's all for now...
I’m looking forward to sharing my new thing with you. I’ll see you again soon. 👋
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