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Anna Heim

Reporter, TC+

Extra Crunch Daily Reporter at TechCrunch, exploring SaaS and more. Former LATAM & Media Editor at The Next Web, startup founder and Sciences Po Paris alum.

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Corporate venture investors pulled back in Q1 but less than you imagined

Looking at the changing pace of CVC activity, geographic trends and more.

On non-founder CEOs, turnarounds and priorities

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As markets shift, Mercado Libre’s falling share price shows no company is safe

What then can we learn from Mercado Libre’s earnings report and ensuing valuation decline?

The market for synthetic data is bigger than you think

To understand what's happening, but also what's coming if synthetic data does get more broadly adopted, we talked to various CEOs and VCs over the last few months.

The venture slowdown isn’t coming — it’s here

Venture capital dollar volume, as tracked by Crunchbase News, peaked in November 2021. Since then, the value of venture investments has ticked lower, dropping another $5 billion from March to April.

Will the corporate venture boom lead to an M&A frenzy?

Why recent CVC activity combined with the current climate for startups could result in a more active M&A market.

Psychedelics startups are on a long journey to consumer markets, but these 5 VCs are taking the ride

Previously relegated to underground communities and raves, ketamine, MDMA and psilocybin are now being studied to develop therapies to treat everything from PTSD to cluster headaches.

Deal-flow newsletters surface gold nuggets for investors

Why do investors want deal-flow newsletters? And what's in it for newsletter creators and the startups they feature? Let's explore.

Deal-flow newsletter PreSeed Now to introduce future UK crown jewels to investors

Launching today, deal-flow newsletter PreSeed Now will present early-stage startups from around the U.K. to investors twice a week, with one in-depth profile per issue.

Don’t worry about VCs’ returns if you can exit your startup early

There are many reasons to stick it out at your startup, but if you're worried about your investors when faced with an exit, here's why you shouldn't be.

Why Latin America’s freight-forwarding opportunity is still attracting capital

Amid a pandemic and unrest over gasoline prices, investors are still pouring money into Latin America's logistics and shipping businesses.

DeltaX wants to digitize the Andean region’s trucking sector

Transportation startup DeltaX is accelerating its plans to digitize the trucking industry in its native Bolivia and beyond thanks to a recent $1 million seed funding round.

As the pandemic wanes, VCs are investing less in health-focused startups

Riffing through CB Insights data regarding global VC investment into health tech, the word we came away with was "retreat."

Tech companies are still going public in Asia, but not enough to halt the global IPO slowdown

Asia-based companies accounted for nine out of the top 10 IPOs in the first quarter of 2022, which raises the question: Is Asia a haven for public exits amid the current global slowdown?

Why SaaS is bucking the venture slowdown

As the global startup market digests a changing valuation environment and climate for VC investment, not every sector is taking the same level of damage. One is faring better than the rest: SaaS.

The venture slowdown is impacting fundraising for startups of every size, sector

New data from Carta, a provider of shareholder management services to private companies, indicates that the slowdown in venture capital activity is not constrained to a single stage or sector.

GoTo’s debut shows the global IPO window is not entirely closed

A large initial public offering took GoTo public in Indonesia. Given the generally chilly global IPO climate, and the fact that GoTo managed to float without sinking, The Exchange got curious.

European startups elude global VC funding slowdown in Q1 2022

VC funding into Europe was up in the first quarter of 2022, CB Insights and Crunchbase data show. In other words, the region escaped the global quarter-on-quarter slowdown in startup investment. 

No signs of a slowdown in Africa’s tech funding, data show

African startups had a solid Q1 2022 in terms of VC investment, both in dollars and deal volume. This is news in itself, but even more so amid declines in venture funding to the U.S., Asia, and LatAm.

Latin America’s decline in VC investment isn’t necessarily bad news

Latin America is an interesting place to dive into what might be coming for startups. Why? Because dollar funding has now fallen for three consecutive quarters in the region.
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